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The kennel name Azuricoyotes was granted in 2008 for Dutch Shepherds, and the first litter was registered in 2011. I value naturally healthy and vital dog individuals, and owners who appreciate and understand dogs a a species. At home we have five Dutch Shepherds. My breeding work is focused on improving overall health, genetic diversity and character/sport qualities with a honest and open manner. On this website you can read more about how these principles work in practice and what kinds of homes my puppies are suitable for. I offer some information on the breed, photos and blog posts as well.

I haven’t translated the whole website into English, but you are welcome to read the missing parts through Google Translate.

If you have any questions, you can send me email at azuricoyotes@gmail.com!

Breeder, Sanna Korhonen

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Looking to know more about the breed?

You can read some of my stuff here:

Longhair population genetics (.pdf)
Breed info pages in Finnish



Pictures of our dogs, litters, events etc.

Tools for breeders


A project dedicated to the longhaired variety.

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