Hollandse Herdershond
Dutch Shepherd Dog

The kennelname “Azuricoyotes” has been in use since 2011, but already received approval from the FCI in 2008. My values are centered around cherishing vitality, and understanding the dog as a species with specific needs. At home we have five Dutch Shepherds. My approach to breeding is based around holistic health, genetic diversity, and improving characters & working ability with a honest and open manner. As you navigate through this website, you can read more about how these principles show in action, and what kinds of homes my puppies are a good fit in.

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So far the only translated part of this website is the front page & some English articles. Please don’t let that stop you from browsing around! You can also make use of online translators like Google Translate to read otherwise inaccessible materials. A good way to get more information about us as well is to follow our socials, especially facebook & instagram.

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Sanna Varis Jørgensen

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