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About us

I am Sanna Korhonen, a fan of Dutch Shepherds since 2000, an owner since 2002, and a breeder since 2011. I choose to do my breeding work with honesty and openness, even if I don’t always agree with all the rules of today’s kennel world.

The Dutch Shepherd is ideally a healthy, always-ready-to-go dog. To fight for this I take hereditary diseases very seriously. I recognize problems are most effectively avoided by improving genetic health through heterozygosity. This shows clearly in my selection; I’m always looking for new ways to broaden the gene pool. By temperament the breed can be delightfully adaptable and easy-going, but at the same time equipped with a natural will to work and well developed drives.

Due to the fact that originally this breed developed from the need of a durable working shepherd dog, I have chosen to give “beauty” no emphasis in my selection. The outward appearance of a Dutch Shepherd should always be functional, a real “duride” type, without any structural or cosmetic extremes. I do not sell puppies based on looks, or color!

We don’t own a big kennel, but our dogs live with us and are our family members and pets. I think options are the strongest friend to selection: this is why I try to have options open by utilizing breeding terms contracts for quality females as much as possible. We live in eastern Finland close to the town of Joensuu.


Sanna Korhonen

Tutjuntie 180
83160 Tutjunniemi
North Karelia

phone: +358 400 941 037

If you have anything to ask, don’t stay wondering, send me an email! 🙂